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Sixteen-Gauge Steel Studs and MgO Decking: an Impenetrable Union of Strength and Flexibility: The heart of a SPF composite foundation system is its framework of galvanized-steel studs and tracks. It's the ideal structural support for our innovative magnesium-oxide (MgO) composite wall: two panels fused to each side of an insulating, waterproof extruded-polystyrene core. With a higher compressive strength than concrete, this International Code Council-approved MgO panel is waterproof, nonconductive, and impact-resistant and also resists insects and backfill damage. The end result is a dry, living-room-quality area that is suitable for multiple uses-a ready-for-drywall structure that can be customized for any building site and house plan.

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Built-in Assurances: The SPF "foundation" system has undergone rigorous testing and review by nationally recognized testing laboratories and regulatory authorities. Each foundation design is signed and sealed by a licensed structural or civil engineer to provide homeowners, contractors and local building authorities with documented assurance of its structural integrity.